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Bachelor of Information Sciences 2006

Zan Sule

My name is Zan Simon Sule, a Massey University alumni who migrated to New Zealand from Nigeria at age 19. I created the website www.creditcardscompare.co.nz, a New Zealand credit card comparison website which attracts thousands of visitors each month.

Snapshot of www.creditcardscompare.co.nz

I completed a double major in Computer Science and Information Systems and have fun memories of studying at Massey University. I made lifelong friends while at Massey, and my experience not only made it possible to build the credit card comparison website but to also forge a career doing what I enjoy.

When I first started at Massey I could barely use a computer, but I was fascinated by computers and I wanted to learn to program them. The lecturers at Massey were unassuming which made things a lot easier for someone like myself starting from scratch. I also found the staff at Massey to be very approachable — even when I fell sick the doctors were amazing and took very good care of me. I will forever be grateful to Massey for setting me off in the right direction.

The idea to start the website came to me when a family member who was struggling with credit card debt enquired about getting a balance transfer credit card. I was surprised to find out that unlike places such as the UK, Canada and Australia, New Zealand did not have a credit card comparison website, so I set out to build one myself.

Interestingly, according to RBNZ, credit card debt in New Zealand has risen by over 3 billion dollars in the last decade climbing to $7.4 billion in December 2019, and yet most Kiwis still get their credit card from their current bank rather than shopping around, and most are unaware of credit cards offered by the likes of department stores, supermarkets and other smaller financial institutions which may offer a more suitable card than their current bank.

What’s more, credit card providers in New Zealand are often not very transparent with key information about their credit cards which would help customers make a more informed decision. Important information about these cards is often buried within the website or included within the terms and conditions page which, let's face it, most people do not read.

My goal with this website is to bring much-needed transparency to the credit card industry and to provide New Zealanders with a simple and intuitive way to shop for credit cards. Users visiting the site can either narrow down their search by a credit card type such as a balance transfer card or an Interest free credit card, or they can use the Credit card finder tool to filter through the cards by features such as purchase rate, annual fee, balance transfer rate and more.

The website is free to use, and users do not need to sign-in or give any of their personal information to use the website. Users can simply click through from the website to the credit card provider’s website to apply online.

After just a few years of developing the website, the website now attracts thousands of visitors each month, but I would like to see the website reach more Kiwis, especially those looking to switch credit card providers or who are looking for a low rate credit card or balance transfer card, as these people are more likely to benefit from using the website.