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Bachelor of Communication, Expressive Arts/Media Studies Composite Major (2012)

Whitney Nuku

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Expressive Arts and Media Studies, my career in communications has been truly diverse. This suits me well because I like a challenge!

I started out as the Māori Communications Advisor at the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, where I used events, publications and videos to try to make NCEA understandable for diverse audiences.

Then I spent a fun and varied two years as a communication professional in the United Kingdom, developing specialty expertise in creative strategic planning, online communication, copywriting, stakeholder, project and event management. I worked in a few award winning fully integrated creative agencies based in London, where I specialised in creative development and management of digital promotions, experiential activations and social media. In these and other roles I was involved in hands-on copywriting for social media, marketing campaigns, websites and events, and providing leadership for online community building - work that definitely requires creative thinking.

I gained a lot of transferable skills in the Bachelor of Communication at Massey that have helped me perform in my career. These include using creative writing techniques to turn product facts or government policies into an interesting read, filming and editing videos to help audiences understand complex information, or coordinating, designing, editing and proofing written and online content.

Plus, Expressive Arts in particular was a lot of fun!

Currently I’m back in Aotearoa New Zealand, contracting at ACC as a Communications and Engagement Advisor. If you like a lot of variety in your working life, and enjoy developing your creative flair, a BC Expressive Arts might be the pathway for you.