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Bachelor of Veterinary Science 1991
PhD (Science) 2012

Wendi Roe

My favourite memory of my time as a Massey student is the Last lecture skits. I played Nicky Moffat, who at the time was our radiographer. She is still at Massey and is now a good friend

Keith Thompson was my most inspiring lecturer as a student. He never actually lectured our year, as he arrived in our final year and taught clinical pathology to 4th years, but somehow he managed to mentor all of us anyway, and made it really obvious that he cared about our learning. He inspired me to come back to Massey 10 years later to do a pathology residency

I got my first job in England over the phone as soon as they found out I was a Massey graduate. The Massey vet degree gave me the skills and knowledge to make a good start in practice, and later when I wanted to change course a bit, the connections to help me decide where I wanted my career to go

Immediately after graduating I spent 5 years in clinical practice in England, then 5 years in practice back in New Zealand. Came back to Massey in 1999 to do a pathology residency, then a year teaching pathology in the US. I came back to Massey as a lecturer in pathology in 2003. Did my pathology Boards exams in 2004, and a PhD in 2011. Fitted having two amazing daughters in there too. I now have my dream job doing marine mammal research, teaching pathology and looking after the Vet School postgraduate programme.


How would your parents describe you in seven words or less ?
My mum calls me “the one that mucks about with dead animals”. I know that’s actually 8 words, and also not necessarily a good quote to use anywhere else

What advice would you give to your past self when you were a student?
It might be a good idea to start looking at your lecture notes BEFORE exam week

What is your lasting impression of Massey University?
I’m still here – it obviously made a good impression!