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Bachelor of Arts, Media Studies and English (2011)

Tareq Branney

When I first started at Massey I wasn’t completely sure what to study but knew that I had enjoyed Media Studies at secondary school.

I soon learned that a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media Studies would enable me to develop knowledge in the areas that I was truly passionate about while also providing me with a meaningful and useful tertiary education.

Along the way there were highlights, especially as the papers progress through the higher levels. Trauma and the Media (among other media theory papers) both challenged me and demonstrated how our understanding of the world is massively affected by the evolving relationship between media and humankind.

I was also given the chance to get hold of a camera on practical media papers. The knowledge I picked up on these papers enabled me to now run my own film production business, without having to attend a specialist filmmaking school. ‘Howie Shoot Pictures’ specialises in promotional videos for small businesses, or not-for-profits. My clients will often come to me with a video purpose or goal, and I take it from there.

However, looking back it was the versatility of the BA that I continue to find most valuable. In my previous position as Communications Coordinator for the Wellington City Mission, the papers in Communications, Te Reo, Business Studies, Politics and especially English (my minor) were particularly relevant. I learnt how to present and structure an original argument in a professional manner – skills I was able to apply to the Mission’s quarterly newsletter and campaign and appeal literature.
But Howie Shoot Pictures demanded more time and attention to meet the high standards I had learnt to strive for. So in 2016, I stepped back from my role at The Mission to dedicate more time to developing the business.

Right now, what started as purely a video production (or 'Pictures') service has expanded to include a wider set of professional marketing capabilities, and possibilities.

Howie Shoot, along with its talented staff, is always growing its capabilities. We now offer 2D/3D motion graphics, drone/aerial work, consulting for schools' media/AV rooms, and professional development services - all in one place.