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Advanced Diploma in Photography 2001

Robin Hammond

Over the past two decades Robin Hammond has produced an outstanding concentration of revelatory documentary photography. His images exhibit an independence, a criticality, an empathy, which have placed him at the forefront of international photojournalism. His work shows an astute aesthetic, informed by an understanding of the histories of social engaged photography, and above all he understands the role of photography in telling the human stories embedded in a rapidly evolving world.

Robin studied the Diploma in Photography at the School of Design, graduating in 2001 and moving overseas to work with Guzelian News and Features, before moving into freelance. Since 2007 Robin has participated in a large number of international exhibitions and has received numerous major international prizes, including a special award through Prix AICA for the series Tuvalu Sunset.

Robin contributes to many international magazines including National Geographic, Time Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, The New York Times, and Polka Magazine. He also works regularly with various non-governmental organisations. Based in Paris, Robin is working on ongoing major projects with National Geographic, including a focus on world food production.