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Bachelor of Veterinary Science 1989

Robert Thomas

I came to Massey University to study from Jamaica after receiving a New Zealand Government Scholarship.

Upon graduating I returned to Jamaica to honour my 5-year bond working with the Government of Jamaica as a veterinarian.  Based on a petition from the Chief Executive Officer a private Livestock company to the Government of Jamaica, my bond conditions were changed so that I was allowed to fulfil my bond at that company  in Jamaica rather than working for the Government.

I worked 8-years at the Jamaica Livestock Association Ltd as the Company Veterinarian after which I moved to Kingston Hatcheries Marketing Limited working there for 1 year also as their Company veterinarian. For 24 years I was the English Speaking Caribbean veterinary consultant for the American Soybean Association/United States Soybean Export Council.  Over the years my professional career included conducting training seminars, workshops, feed trials and hosting clients to expositions and university short courses in different Caribbean countries and the USA. Since graduating I have worked with the aquaculture (Tilapia, Catfish, Shrimp), swine, sheep, goat, cattle, broiler, layer, ducks, quail, turkey and feed mill industries throughout the English speaking Caribbean and companion animals in Jamaica.

How has your Massey University education contributed to your success?

It has enabled me to function as a competent Veterinarian and earn the respect of the wider English speaking Caribbean as a very knowledgeable professional.

You have an hour to spend at the Massey Campus – where do you make a bee line for?

The Veterinary School to see what advance/changes/new introductions have been made since graduating from Massey University.