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Bachelor of Design

Rebecca Taylor

Born 1969, Rebecca attended the Wellington Polytechnic School of Design from 1990 - 1991, before travelling to the USA and over the next 10 years, establishing her eponymous fashion label Rebecca Taylor. Based in Manhattan, she was a regular at New York Fashion Week throughout the noughties, and with an expanding range of products she soon had stores in more than 50 countries. In 2003 her company, in partnership with business manager Elizabeth Bugdaycay, had a retail turnover of more than US$12million. In 2015 Rebecca took the bold move to stop showing at NYFW, a move which might have seemed ill-fated to some, but in fact has resulted in further growth for her business. Moving with the times of e-commerce, Rebecca Taylor redirected both time and resource to new methods of marketing and media exposure, with stunning results.