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Bachelor of Business Studies (Finance & Management) 2014
Masters of Business Studies (Management/Leadership Development) 2016

Kristina Montgomerie

My first contact with Massey University and the advantages of studying at the Albany campus came when I was selected by my college to represent Taupo at the International Enterprise in Action challenge, run by the Young Enterprise Trust and hosted at the campus. At the end of my Year 13 studies, I had decided to study business and my enterprise teacher recommended me for a Massey University Captain Club Leadership scholarship. Massey University was my obvious choice. I loved its modern campus and was impressed by the easy access to online resources. The campus’s vibrant youthful feel and the palpable vibe by staff and lecturers of wanting to try harder for the students, has continued to impress me throughout my Bachelors and Masters degree programmes.

I studied a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Finance and Management. I both loved and succeeded in my Finance studies, but it was some of the lecturers in Management that made the biggest impact on my academic growth and future approach to business leadership. Without naming names, I will be forever grateful to the lecturer who made me challenge every single assertion I made in my management assignments with the question – “so what?” My time at Massey taught me how to build a compelling and balanced academic argument from the ground up, by drawing on appropriate references and research.

After completing my Bachelors, I was fortunate to be supervised by two outstanding lecturers in my choice of thesis in leadership development. The ‘real world’ business contacts they provided me with, in order to conduct my qualitative empirical research, were invaluable; while their critique, encouragement and guidance to my approach in a complex subject, meant that I never felt ‘lost in the jungle’ when it came to gathering together all the information required to make a coherent whole.

I’m currently employed at a fast-growing leadership development company as their integration and research manager. My experience at Massey University has been fundamental to my current role in assisting my company to provide expertise, innovation, and clarity in the online leadership development field for company leaders based both here in New Zealand and increasingly throughout the world.

Looking back, it may seem from an outside perspective like there always was a clear and definite plan of progression in my career choices, from academic life through to my current work. That wasn’t the case. My time at Massey University gave me the opportunities and incentive to become focused and skilled on where and how I wanted to contribute within the global world of business.