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Bachelor of Veterinary Science 1981

Joyce Wylie

I chose to study vet at Massey is it was and still is the only NZ university doing a vet degree.

My most memorable or inspiring lecturer was Professor Bruere – He was less of a lecturer and more of a practical person. I am off a sheep farm and liked sheep medicine so that helped.

I have spent 17 years working as a vet - as a locum vet for a few years (Golden Bay, Stratford, Gisborne, Winton, Ruatoria) then had a permanent veterinary position in Golden Bay.

I’ve travelled with volunteer work in Vanuatu, and Nepal.

Married a local farmer, settled at Kaihoka on west coast of Golden Bay for a farming and family life

My regular day consists of all that is required as wife, Mum of 2 teenagers, wife and partner of sheep farmer (6500 su) ,celebrating  funerals and weddings with families and writing an article for the paper every 2 weeks, being on the local school BoT, and involved with church and Rural Women.... 


How has your Massey University education contributed to your success?
That’s where I earned a vet degree that has given me the “ticket” for what I have been able to do in my life.

You’ve got a full tank of gas, its dark and you’re wearing sunglasses. Where do you drive?
Take the glasses off, turn the lights on, put the radio to Radio Rhema and enjoy the drive home

What advice do you have for current students?
Make the most of opportunities, learn people skills and develop character as well as gaining a qualification

Describe Massey University in 5 words
Place of education, qualification, opportunity