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Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Planning 2015

John Yin

“A degree in planning equipped me with the skills and knowledge to facilitate sustainable development as cities continue to grow.”

I have always had a strong interest in the urban environment. The exponential urban expansion in recent times has presented many socioeconomic and environmental challenges.

Environmental planning is an interdisciplinary field. Throughout the degree you’ll touch on a diverse range of topics from policy making to number crunching, GIS to visual design.

Massey was a great place to study. My lecturers were very approachable and truly cared about their students. The class size was small therefore everyone had the opportunity to interact with the lecturers.

The best part of studying at Massey University was the opportunity I had to work alongside my research supervisor on his public transport project. It allowed me to explore my interest in transport planning while gaining invaluable work experience, which may have assisted in being offered a job before I had finished my degree.

The degree opens up a wide spectrum of opportunities in resource management, policy advisory, transport management and beyond in both public and private sectors.

If you’re looking to start your degree my advice is to always keep an open mind and be prepared to challenge and to be challenged by your study. There is always something different waiting ahead so if you like a bit of adventure in your study, planning might just be the perfect choice!