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Massey CoCA Hall of Fame 2014

Grant Davidson

It was during his time studying industrial design at Wellington Polytechnic School of Design that Grant Davidson was introduced to Philips, the largest and most prestigious and global electronics company based in Holland. Grant completed a summer internship at their design headquarters in Eindhoven at the end of his second year, which subsequently led to his return there in 1979 as a full time employee. The rest as they say, is history!

Throughout his career at Philips Grant has had many successes, including more than 200 design awards under his leadership. He has contributed to the design of many Philips products that have been commercially successful and that have touched the lives of millions of people around the globe. They include many familiar objects; radios, toasters, shavers, kettles, the products that we interact with daily and which we rely on to conduct our lives conveniently, comfortably and with a sense of well-being.

Grant is Vice President of Consumer Lifestyle Design at Philips, responsible for design innovation and differentiation in the business of personal care, one of the most profitable business units in Philips.

Rising to this esteemed level within an organisation such as Philips is a considerable achievement. In 2008 Massey University Awarded Grant a Doctor of Science (honoris causa), in recognition of his outstanding contribution to industrial design.