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Bachelor of Communication, Media Studies (2016)

Almaz Rabb

From a young age I knew I wanted to study a communication degree. Initially, I was drawn to journalism, and because I loved drama and acting at school, I always thought I would go into broadcast journalism. In my later years of school I was able to take media studies and this is when I fell in love with media as a whole and had my eyes opened to other job opportunities in the industry.

During my degree I actually changed my major a few times, starting as a journalism major, before switching to PR and then finally settling on media studies. Thankfully the degree was flexible enough that my constant changing didn't require me to complete any additional papers!

By my second year of uni, and after completing compulsory first year papers from all majors, I realised a media studies major was the best way for me to get a good grasp on all areas of the industry and keep my career options open. I was still able to complete journalism, PR and marketing papers which helped me to get practical skills for my career, but my media studies major gave me the most amazing understanding of my industry as a whole which has allowed me to work across different areas of the industry with ease.

I love Wellington and getting to be a student in such a fun and culture-rich city was amazing. I also loved how flexible the degree was, compared to similar degrees at other universities. I was able to study part-time at some stages of my degree, as well as complete papers via distance learning. This was amazing for me and with a busy schedule of work and internships, this really helped me to balance all aspects of my life.

I would describe my study experience as fascinating. I loved the papers I got to complete and overall, they were really interesting and stimulating. I learned so much about the world around me and was really pushed to question why things are the way they are. Studying at Massey really reshaped the way I think.

In my second year I was invited to complete a special business internship, which was amazing. It was worth two papers and lasted a full year. I was placed in a comms role at the Cancer Society where I had the most amazing mentor. She actually became like a mother to me over that year and it ended up being the most amazing experience where I learned so much.

Another highlight was getting to write for the university magazine. My first ever time being published was in Massive and it was an amazing feeling for a young gun like me to see my work in print.

In my final year I was also able to complete the 300 level internship, in which I was able to go to Auckland for a three-week internship with a lifestyle magazine. This was my final university paper and at the end of the internship (before I had even submitted the paperwork for the course!) the magazine offered me a job straight away writing for their website and print publications.

In May 2016, I accepted a job at M2 Magazine as a content creator, writing mainly for their online women's website, as well as covering health and wellness in their print magazine. After six months I was promoted to a more senior role where I managed all online content across two websites, as well as social media and native advertising with clients like Converse. After a year at M2, I was offered a role at an amazing advertising agency called Colenso. At Colenso I worked as an account manager where I look after clients across some of New Zealand's most loved brands, as well as managing the creation and production of advertising campaigns.

I have itchy feet so I headed off to London this year looking to get a job in advertising over here. I’m now with the biggest agency in the UK, AMV BBDO. I love agency life so my hope is that I can continue to develop my career and learn more about the industry while I am in the U.K.